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The Malaysia Book of Records
As the kick start of 2023, ST Rosyam Mart has officially became the national record holder for

MALAYSIA FIRST 24 HOURS Fresh Wholesale Retail Market

We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable, fresh, high-quality groceries. Join us in our mission to make wholesale grocery shopping a more economical and enjoyable experience for customers and business owners in Malaysia. As a leading wholesale supplier in Malaysia, we redefine convenience and freshness, setting the standard for wholesale markets nationwide.

Our commitment to being a 24 hours grocery destination ensures that you have access to the finest and freshest produce at any time of the day. Explore a diverse array of products in our fresh retail market in Malaysia.



ST' Values

Serve with Excellence

We serve with Enthusiasm, Professionalism and Excellence.

Passion for Winning

We carry the Champion Mindset and are hungry for success.


We work as a team to achieve greater heights and trust our team will deliver.

Never Stop Growing

We continuously acquire new knowledge, innovate and improvise for growth.


We do what is right and are accountable towards our customers and community. We always speak the truth and keep our words.

Value Time

Time is precious and we always act fast while striving for First Time Right.

Sri Ternak Brand Promises

We are open 24/7 All Year

Quality Fresh Food

Great Shopping Environment

Convenient Services

Wholesale Quantity Product

Our Core Values

To start a business is easy but to keep it innovative and to deliver what our customers want in products, services and value for money, requires a strength and commitment that is embedded in our Company Values


We believe that passion is the catalyst of everything we do. Passion is what drives us and keeps us on the path to constant improvement. Passion in doing things well. Passion in taking care of our customers.


We get more done when we work together and it is through building Trust. We aim to develop the trust of our customers through excellence of our services and quality of our products. Our staff trusts that the company will take care of them and recognize their contributions. Trust that your team will perform its best and support each other.


Our vision to be the leader in the industry can only be realized if we focus on Growth. We need to grow our business by reaching out and bringing more conveniences to more customers. We can only do this through Growing our workforce, training them and providing them with a long term career choice.