Sri Ternak Marine Sdn Bhd

In charge of import of seafood products for our grocery store

Sri Ternak Marine Sdn Bhd is a company that manages and imports marine seafood products internationally, as well as supplies them to our grocery retail store.

Type of product we import:

Fresh Wholesale Seafood Supplier in Malaysia

Sri Ternak Marine Sdn Bhd is your ultimate destination for premium, fresh wholesale seafood in Malaysia. As a distinguished seafood supplier in Malaysia, we take pride in offering an extensive range of top-quality products sourced internationally. Our commitment to excellence and freshness makes us a trusted name in the seafood wholesale market in Malaysia.

Explore the vibrant and diverse selection of fresh seafood at Sri Ternak Marine, ensuring that your culinary creations are of the highest standard. We go beyond local offerings, featuring imported food in Malaysia to provide you with a global culinary experience. Trust us to be your preferred seafood wholesale supplier, contributing to the success of your culinary ventures. Explore more and experience the pinnacle of freshness and quality in Malaysia’s seafood realm.

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