The core business of Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd, currently our Group’s Head Quarters, are wholesale & retail in selling fresh & frozen food, grocery, beverage and other goods that are suitable for end users, food stall business, caterers, canteen operator, hotels, Western and Asian cuisine restaurants.

Initially, the floor space was about 10,000 sqf, and then expanded to more than 40,000 sqf of spaces due to the drastic growth in customer base which fermented from the business strategy. Sri Ternak believes in easy to reach, no frill, save time and fast service concept that keeps costs low to benefit the customers.

Through the corporate philosophy of ‘The Fresh & Frozen Food’ and 24/7/365, Sri Ternak has sparked the wholesale and retail businesses with more and more customers purchasing in this type of market. Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd is currently having a workforce of 420 staffs, to support the business operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Today, we have our own warehouse and value-added departments which comprise of Re-packing Department for onion, potato, cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs & spices etc., ranging from bulk pack to small packaging. We have established Production Lines for cutting and deboning for chicken, seafood, beef, lamb and mutton according to the customers’ requirement & specification.

By having a dual identity as a wholesaler and also a retailer, we help the market to cope with the demand in foods & stabilize the shortage in this region, with reasonable prices and giving maximum flexibility to customer who want to buy any quantity at any time they wish.

We supply fresh chicken, seafood & vegetable every day and customers have the option to purchase frozen products according to their choice and preference and we really mean it from our slogan as Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd is the place for – The Fresh & Frozen Food.

OUR Vision

To provide our customers daily fresh food and world class service in 5-star environment with wholesale prices 24/7/365


Bringing Conveniences to Everyone